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New salary criteria for knowledge migrants since 1 January 2013

Since 1 January 2013 there are new salary criteria for highly skilled migrants who fall under the knowledge migrant scheme:
 - knowledge migrants aged 30 and older: € 52.010                                    
 - knowledge migrants under 30 years: € 38.141
 - graduates in the Netherlands: € 27.336
An employer who wants to employ a foreign worker in the Netherlands as a knowledge migrant, must be admitted to the knowledge migrant scheme and pay the employee a certain gross annual salary. The IND can investigate whether the salary is market conform and reject the application if it is not. An employee who is doing scientific research or doctors who are trained to become specialist do not have to meet the salary requirements. 

The new salary criteria apply to new applications. If the procedure has already been initiated in 2012, the salary criteria of 2012 remain applicable.
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