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Moving my company to the Netherlands


Is it possible to move the statutory seat of my Portuguese company without having to merge into or incorporate a Dutch company?


Based on the freedom of movement within the EU it is possible to "move" a company from Portugal to the Netherlands. You can do this by registering the Portuguese company in the trade register of the Chamber of Commerce. The company can then do business in the Netherlands as if it was set up in the Netherlands. The company will keep its legal form without having to merge with or change to a Dutch limited company.

This way the statutory seat will however remain in Portugal since the seat is part of the deed of incorporation and set up under Portuguese corporate law. If you want to break the link with Portugal you will indeed have to set up a Dutch limited company. The same if you want to show to your clients that they are dealing with a Dutch entity instead of a Portuguese entity. Clients may prefer to do business with companies which are set up according to Dutch law and have the legal form of a "BV" instead of a foreign "Ltd". 

Expatax can incorporate a company for you and assist you with the annual maintenance (accounting, payroll, corporate income tax). 

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