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Is child maintenance deduction compatible with childcare allowance


I currently benefit from the 30% ruling and receive childcare allowance as well for my 2 children that go to childcare and after school. Article 125 says that a condition to be allowed to deduct child maintenance is that no one in the household is entitled to child allowance or equivalent foreign allowances/benefits. Is childcare allowance considered the same as child allowance? Many thanks in advance for your answer and congratulations for this very useful site.


Child allowance and childcare allowance are two separate benefits. The child allowance is paid by the SVB if a child is registered at your address and part of your household. The childcare allowance is paid if (both) parents are working and the children have to go to child care because of this. This means that you can receive both allowances at the same time. 

Child maintenance sees in general on the ex-partner who has to pay child support for his children which are living with the other partner. The ex-partner will not receive child allowance since the children are not registered on the ex-partner‘s address. So child maintenance is not applicable if the children are living with you. The ex-partner can deduct the child maintenance (costs of life support) for fixed amounts

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