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Income tax on scholarship


I am planning to file a tax return form for 2011. That year, I studied until August and worked in December. I got scholarship from the university for 8 months and salary for one month. The salary is already in tax office‘s records, but the scholarship isn‘t. That was given by the university to contribute to my expenses, I also did not pay any tuition fee.

My question is: should I declare this scholarship in my application, and if so, in which category should I put it in "aangifte inkomstenbelasting" program?

Thanks in advance.


In my opinion the scholarship is not part of your taxable income and doesn‘t have to be declared in your income tax return. The scholarship is granted to pay the costs of the study, this means that if you paid education costs, these would not be deductible up to the amount of the reimbursement. 

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