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I am non resident but receive pension from Holland, do I have to declare anything to the Dutch tax authorities?


I was born in Holland in 1939 and as a result of working there in the fifties I receive a small state pension from Holland.  Since 1963 I have lived in England and became a British citizen in 1973.  I am now retired and am permanently resident in France.  I declare all of my income including my small Dutch pension, a very small English pension of my own and one based on my English husband‘s contributions in the UK to the local French tax office.  Do I have to declare any of my income to the Dutch tax authorities? Thank you for any advice you can give me.
You don‘t have to declare anything to the Dutch tax authorities. In the tax treaty between France and the Netherlands taxation of the Dutch state pension is divided to France. Since there is no other income which you receive from the Netherlands as a non resident you don‘t have to file a Dutch tax return.
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