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I am living in the Netherlands since 2009, do I still have to file my US taxes for 2009 through 2011?

I have been living in the Netherlands since February 2009 and have not filed my US taxes for 2009 thru 2011. I am told because I made very little income or none at all, I did not have to file.  However, since I have an income in Holland am I required to report that also for US income tax? Please advise.
U.S. citizens living abroad must still file the income tax returns, even when there is no tax due. There is an exclusion of foreign earned income which in most cases takes care of a potential tax liability for a U.S. taxpayer who lives and works abroad. This amount excluded from income for U.S. tax purposes in 2011 is $92,900 per person (this amount is adjusted yearly for inflation).  In June, the IRS announced a new program to help some U.S. citizens and others residing abroad who haven
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