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How can I get a DigiD?

DigiD is only available to people who are registered in a Dutch municipality (Dutch: gemeente) and have a  burgerservicenummer (BSN or "Citizens Service Number in English). Unfortunately DigiD is only available in Dutch at the moment.

Please follow these steps to apply for a DigiD:

  1. Go to 'Aanvragen' (apply)
  2. Fill in your personal information and agree to the conditions (gebruiksvoorwaarden). In specific:
    1. Burgerservicenummer
    2. Date of birth (Geboortedatum)
    3. ZIP-code (Postcode)
    4. House number (Huisnummer)
    5. House number additional information (if applicable) (Huisnummertoevoeging)
    6. E-mail address
    7. Confirm e-mail address (herhalen)
    8. Accept terms by clicking on the box
    9. Click "Verder" (next)
  3. Choose username and password and remember them:
    1. Username (Gebruikersnaam): at least 4 characters long, may contain underscores and/or hyphens
    2. Password (Wachtwoord): at least 8 characters long, must contain one or more digits
    3. Repeat password (Herhaal wachtwoord)
    4. Click "Aanvragen" (request)
  4. SMS authentication. Optional step that you can skip by clicking "Overslaan" (skip). SMS authentication is required to get access to some online services.
    1. Mobile number (without any spaces)
    2. Click "Verder" (next)
    3. Enter the validation code you just received by SMS in the "Vul hier de code uit uw sms in"
    4. Click "Verder" (next)
  5. Successful application
    1. You will reveive an activation code within 5 days by mail to your registered address. You need to activate your DigiD in less than 20 days.

How to activate your DigiD

You've received a letter from DigiD with your activation code.

  1. Click on "Activeren" (activate)
  2. Enter your username (Gebruikersnaam)
  3. Enter your password (Wachtwoord)
  4. Enter the activation code (Activeringscode)
  5. Enter the transactiecode you just received through an sms (only if you have applied for text message validation)
  6. Click "Activeren" (activate)

Your DigiD has been successfully activated!

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