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How can a UK ltd claim back VAT paid in the Netherlands on an import from outside the EU?

We are a importer company which was registered in the UK. I am going to import a container from Far East to Rotterdam, then store in a warehouse in Rotterdam until my client arrange the collection. However, I don't know how long it will take for the collection and the goods destination finally.  My question is:
1) If I clear the goods use my UK VAT number, can I claim the VAT back? Because the goods physically without leave the Netherlands, so we are not Zero-Rate on VAT.  Can we apply the VAT refund though the UK VAT authority?
2) If we need to register a VAT number in Dutch, how long it will take? And what about the charges? Also what's the different to use a Dutch VAT number and a UK VAT number?
Many thanks. 
It should be possible to claim back the VAT from the UK inland revenue, this includes VAT paid in the Netherlands related to import from a non EU country.
See also: for more information or contact the UK VAT authority directly.
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