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General Old Age Pensions Act (AOW)

People who have lived in the Netherlands between the ages of 15 and 65 are entitled to old age pension from the age of 65 in accordance with the General Old Age Pensions Act (Algemene Ouderdomswet, AOW).

Old age pension is accrued by 2% per insured year. If you have been consecutively insured for the entire period, you are entitled to 100% old age pension. If you have not been consecutively insured during the entire period, your old age pension is cut by 2% for each year you were not insured.

For insured people born before 1 January 1950, a supplementary old-age pension benefit is available for their partners who are younger than 65 and who have a low or no income.

You can apply for old age pension at the Social Insurance Bank (Sociale Verzekeringsbank). If you are registered with a Dutch municipality, you will receive information about your old age pension six months before your 65th birthday.

If you receive old age pension and there are changes in your personal situation, this may affect your old age pension. Please submit any information about changes to the Social Insurance Bank within four weeks.
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