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Filing NL tax return while living in Qatar and entitled to future Dutch pension


I am a UK citizen who worked in the UK from 2002-2005. I notified Inland Revenue of leaving UK in 2005. I moved to NL in 2005 working for Shell under the 30% tax rule. Shell completed all my tax returns through Deloitte. I bought a property in NL (The Hague) in 2006, sold for a slight loss in Feb 2012. I moved to Qatar in 2009 and Shell filed my last tax return in 2010. I have not filed anything since.

My concern is around pension – I am on the Shell Dutch final salary pension, which is maintained in NL.

Questions I would like to discuss with a tax advisor:

- Do I need to re-start filing an NL tax return
- Is it useful to file a return to ‘stay in the system’ given my Dutch pension


There is no need to file a tax return in the Netherlands.

Once the pension starts paying out it is important to determine whether the pension is taxed in the Netherlands or in the country where you are living at that time. Relevant is whether there is a tax treaty between the Netherlands and the other country or not.

In the mean time nothing needs to be done, other than keeping the Shell pension informed about your actual address, so that they can always contact you.


Thanks for your very quick response. I was referred by a colleague to your company so it’s good to know there is a professional tax consultancy around when I return to NL at some point.

One more question regarding minimum allowances. I still have an ABN bank account with minimal funds and (almost zero) interest. I also purchase company shares on a monthly basis and sometimes get performance shares on a yearly basis. These generate a dividend (paid in new shares) on a quarterly basis. This is all relatively small amounts and there is already a ‘tax deducted’ on the voucher (example attached).

I assume I have to pay tax in NL if I sell any shares and then only if it exceeds my tax free allowance?


There is no capital gains tax in the Netherlands in case of "normal investment" so if you sell the shares the profit remains tax free. We only have dividend tax at source in your situation.

The shares itself and the bank account don’t have to be declared in NL since you are a non-resident and will report the shares and account already in your foreign tax return (if required).

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