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Fake phishing emails which seem to come from the Dutch tax authorities

Recently again a lot of people have received fake emails which seem to come from the Dutch tax authorities. The advice is to delete these emails and not to click on the links in the email and certainly not provide personal information or use your Digid. The link takes you to a website which looks like the website of the tax authorities but in fact is a fake website. If you did use your Digid it is important to request the tax authorities to cancel the Digid and issue a new Digid.
Always check the emails you receive thoroughly. Check the internet address which is behind the link in the email. Be aware that the tax authorities will never send you an email requesting your personal information. If the tax authorities want to communicate with you they will do so by post. Tax assessments are sent by post. You will never receive an email from them about a tax amount you still owe or a tax refund you can still claim or even, as happened in the past, a prize which you can collect. If you have doubts contact your tax advisor.
The email which was sent out recently contained the following text:
Geachte heer/mevrouw,
Met spijt delen wij u mede, dat er een fout is opgetreden in de berekening van uw belasting over de voorafgaande belastingperiode.
Uw schuld bedraagt € 1.000,00. U kunt de uitleg bij de berekening raadplegen in het bijgelegde document, of klik hier.
Om een boete te vermijden, wordt u vriendelijk verzocht de belastingschuld zo spoedig mogelijk te betalen.
Met vriendelijke groet,
Ministerie van Financi
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