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Expatax has filed a tax return for me. Who will receive the tax assessment?

The tax authorities will send the tax assessment to the correspondence address which they have in their system. This will normally be your own address. Therefore it is important that the tax authorities always have your current address.
Change of address
  • If you move house within the Netherlands you will need to inform the municipality where you are moving to (and which you are leaving). The municipality will inform the tax authorities.
  • If you leave the Netherlands inform the municipality about the foreign address you are moving to, this way the tax authorities will also be updated.
  • If you are already living outside the Netherlands and move house you will need to inform the tax authorities directly about your change of address.
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Sometimes Expatax is registered as the correspondence address. This is only done on your specific request. Expatax will not automatically be the correspondence address, Expatax will not arrange this without your consent and the tax authorities won't do that either. So the tax assessment will always go to you.
The tax authorities may send decisions on objections we have filed to us and if they have questions about the tax return we filed for you they can also contact us directly. But the tax assessment will always go to you.  
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