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Double housing costs: can I claim a deduction or reimbursement of these costs?


I am about to move to the Netherlands and I will apply for the 30% ruling. At the moment I pay 500 eur/month for an apartment in Italy (50% of the total cost since I share the apartment with my girlfriend) . The lease contract is assigned (under name) of my girlfriend.

Is there a way to have the tax refund for double housing costs for the accommodation in the Netherlands (I will rent an apartment in NL). Which document should I provide to tax authorities?


Double housing costs can‘t be deducted in the income tax return nor can they be claimed back from the tax authorities.

Your employer can reimburse the double housing costs to you under conditions but this is only possible tax free if you don‘t use the 30% ruling. If you have the 30% ruling the double housing costs are assumed to be covered by the 30% ruling.

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