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Commuting expenses and 30% ruling

I am currently on a contract in the Netherlands and I have just applied for the 30% ruling. I am a UK resident leaving in London.
Can I :

- claim my commuting expenses to/from the office on workdays;
- claim my commuting expenses to/from London on Fridays and Mondays;

if I haven‘t used up the 30% allowance?
Under the 30% ruling the employer can pay 30% of the salary tax free as an allowance to cover the extra territorial expenses. The employer can reimburse more if he proofs that the real extra territorial expenses are higher than the 30% allowance.
The above means that the employer can reimburse expenses under the 30% ruling, it is not possible to claim the expenses directly, in your tax return for example, if costs are not reimbursed.
The commuting expenses to/from London are considered to be extra territorial expenses. These fall under the 30% ruling and can‘t be claimed separately.
The commuting expenses to/from the office are considered to be regular employment costs and can be reimbursed under the normal rules, on top of the 30% ruling. If your employer will not reimburse these expenses it is possible to claim a deduction in your tax return (for fixed amounts) if you travel by public transport over a one way distance of at least 10 km and you have a statement or subscription which shows which route you took on which days (see also
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