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Can our landlord require that the rental payment includes furniture fees?


I am planning to sign a house rental contract with a Dutch landlord. The rental fee is 850 euro per month. The constitution of the monthly rental fee is: 650 euro is house renting, 130 euro is furniture use, 70 euro is water, electricity and gas fee. I am writing to inquire whether it is reasonable to include furniture use fee in the rental? If the electricity etc. service fee exceed 70, we (the tenant) will pay the extra part. Please kindly suggest. Looking forward to hearing from you soon!

Btw, in the Netherlands, when you are renting a fully furnished house, does it mean that the tenant will pay extra for the furniture use?

Thank you for your attention and time!


The landlord can decide how he wants to rent out his property. Most of the time a property is rented without furniture, just an empty space. But it is also possible that the property is rented out including furniture. Especially with short term contracts this is often the case. The landlord would be faced with high costs for moving out the furniture and keeping it in storage somewhere if he would rent the property without furniture to you. Plus this way it will be less necessary for new tenants to make adjustments to the property. And of course, renting out furniture means extra income for the landlord. The landlord just wants to make sure that he can rent out the property easily without much hassle and with maximum income. Especially if there is demand for renting the property your negotiation options will be few. In my opinion the landlord therefore can require that you rent the property including furniture and charge you for it. 

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Comment by Filip Djagarov on Sun, Sep 4th, 2016 at 2:52 AM
This can be a trick for a tenant (if he has low income) to get subsidized by the government. Only renting a cheap flat (700 EUR per month and less or smth like that) gives a chance to get a subsidy. That‘s why the rent is divided into parts. Btw, the landlord‘s tax rate for furniture rental income will be much higher than for his flat rental income. Am I right?
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