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Can I stop the 30% ruling and come back later?

I am freelancer under a payroll company. I am not registered in the Netherlands but I got the 30% rulling. My contract will finish end of March.
I know I have to find a job within 3 months to keep the 30% ruling. I would like to know if I can say that I am not looking for a job yet and come back in 1 year to a job with ruling.

If you are not living in the Netherlands you can indeed end your contract in the Netherlands and if you find another contract here in the future get the 30% ruling again. The 3 months period is only relevant if you are living in the Netherlands. When you come back to work in the Netherlands again you will be seen as an incoming employee again.
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Comment by Paul Skinner on Tue, Jul 28th, 2015 at 3:30 PM
After losing the 30% ruling and working as ZZPer, I left the NL for over a year and now return to an eligible full-time position in Amsterdam. The answer given leads me to believe I will be eligible, but I have been told about a requirement for living abroad in-between of 16 consecutive months. I have been living abroad for around that, but did not remember to de-register... Can you provide a bit more clarity, as your answer neglected to mention these 16 months. Thanks
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