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Can I get a copy of the Dutch tax assessments for previous years?


I was working in the Netherlands from 09/2011 to 05/2014 and during this time my company provided first PWC and then Deloitte to do my taxes (Netherlands and France). However I have never received a Dutch tax assessment from the Dutch Authorities (or if I did I did not recognise it or keep it). I would like to know how I can obtain copies of my Dutch tax assessments. Once this is done I would like to review them as I am convinced that mistakes have been made and use Expatax to look after my returns in the future.


It may be that PWC and Deloitte changed the correspondence address to their own address so that they received your tax assessments. Normally they also request digital copies of the tax assessments. So you may want to ask your contact persons at PWC and Deloitte if they can send you the tax assessments.

If they don’t have copies it is possible to request the tax authorities to send duplicates, but this may take some time.

Expatax can check the tax assessments if you wish and compare them with the filed tax returns (if you still have the tax reports from PWC and Deloitte).

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Comment by Declan on Wed, Nov 30th, 2016 at 1:18 PM
Ring the belastingfoon and ask for the last 10 years of tax returns. You should get them in a month. +31 555 385 385
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