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Can a knowledge migrant or foreign student start a business and become self employed in the Netherlands?


I am working in the Netherlands under the Knowledge Migrant Scheme. I would also like to set up my own business besides my paid job, Is this possible? Can I become a freelancer?


As of 1 April 2017, highly skilled migrants, EU Blue Card holders, foreign students studying in the Netherlands, as well as scientific researchers who are in possession of a valid residence permit will be able to perform self-employed activities next to their main working activities for which their residence permit in the Netherlands has been initially granted.

Before 31 March 2017 these residence permit card holders were not allowed to perform self-employed activities and separate work authorization was required to be able to undertake self-employed activities.

By expanding the permissible work activities for these categories of migrants, the Dutch government hopes to keep them longer in the Netherlands and have more growth in entrepreneurship. There is no need to apply for a new residence permit card with this new description on the residence permit of extended permissible activities. The main condition is that the requirements for the current residence status as a highly skilled migrant, EU Blue card holder, student and scientific researcher remain fulfilled. In addition, scientific researchers who fall under Directive 2005/71 are free on the Dutch labor market and may perform work activities as entrepreneurs or in paid employment.

Source:  Expat Management Group 

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