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5 reasons why you should hire Expatax to prepare your US tax return.

Should you hire a tax advisor to prepare your US tax return? You may feel like the answer depends on the complexity of your tax filing. And with the economy still sluggish, affordability may also be a big factor.

But because the IRS makes almost no room for errors, the benefits of hiring Expatax will almost certainly outweigh the costs. Here are five reasons to hire Expatax:

  1. Time is money. The Internal Revenue Code and Treasury Regulations are voluminous. Together they fill more than 1,700 pages of legal fine print. Expatax can help sift through the code, saving you time that could be better spent on other things.
  2. State and local taxes. These can get tricky, as different obligations are triggered by different activities and where they take place. You may face complex tax calculations that can be more adroitly handled by our advisors.
  3. Employee taxes. Who's an employee, and who's an independent contractor? If you're in business by yourself, are you an employer, an employee, or both? Tax consequences differ, depending on how a worker is classified. We can make the distinction for you.
  4. Don't miss out on deductions. Certain expenses can be deductible, but each provision comes with very specific requirements. Expatax can help optimize ways to offset your income.
  5. "I didn't know" is not an excuse. Tax laws change frequently, as do IRS interpretations of the tax code. Not knowing these laws and regulations is no excuse to not follow them.
Stay out of trouble with the IRS. Contact us for preparation of your US tax return. This will be arranged in the Netherlands by a fully qualified and licensed CPA who can offer more service than a tax preparer. A local advisor who you can meet in person and with whom you can discuss your personal situation. And the fee? Lower than other US tax advisors in the Netherlands.
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