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30% ruling - More than 3 months unemployed and now a job offer

I have been unemployed for more than 3 months and in the past I was working with the 30% rule. The area in which I work, oil & gas, is suffering a terrible downturn due to the oil prices. If I receive a denial for the 30% rule, can I appeal to the decision allegating that there is a crisis worldwide and it is impossible to get a job?


For the 30% ruling it is important that your skills and experience are scarce. If it takes more than 3 months to find a job the law assumes that your skills and experience are no longer scarce.

The fact that there is a crisis in the oil & gas sector doesn‘t change this. It only confirms that less specialized workers are sought and thus scarcity is less. The crisis will therefore not be an argument which you can use to appeal against a denial to grant you the 30% ruling after unemployment of more than 3 months.

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