Tax treaties

Isle of Man - the Netherlands

Agreement with the Isle of Man, exchange of information for tax purposes.

On October 12 2005 an agreement was made between the Netherlands and the Isle of Man regarding the exchange of information which could be relevant for taxation in one of the two countries.


This means that it is no longer 'safe' to keep money on the Isle of Man without informing the Dutch tax authorities. If you have assets on the Isle of Man and would like to report them then this can be done without a fine if the first step is taken by you. We can inform you about the procedure.


Some text of the agreement:


The Isle of Man and the Netherlands shall provide assistance through exchange of information that is foreseeably relevant to the administration and enforcement of the domestic laws of both countries concerning the taxes covered by this Agreement, including information that is foreseeably relevant to the determination, assessment, enforcement or collection of tax with respect to persons liable to such taxes, or to the investigation or prosecution of tax matters in relation to such persons. A requested country is not obliged to provide information which is neither held by its authorities nor in the possession of nor obtainable by persons who are within its territorial jurisdiction. The rights and safeguards secured to persons by the laws or administrative practice of the requested country remain applicable. The requested country shall use its best endeavours to ensure that the effective exchange of information is not unduly prevented or delayed.




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