Foreign companies

Assistance to foreign companies


Doing business in the Netherlands can be complicated because of all the rules. If you have a business outside the Netherlands, opening a branch in the Netherlands can lead to extra turnover but also to extra risks. Be sure that these risks are minimized.


We can help you with these challenges. Our rates are very competitive. We work for international companies and employees on a daily basis so we know what we are talking about.


Are you prepared to pay more than € 150 or € 200 per hour to a big tax firm and still have to wait a long time before you get any answers? Are you tired of talking to everybody within your advisors company except to your own advisor himself? Then it's time to talk to Expatax.


Our motto: Quality and care for a fee you won't find anywhere.


Expatax can for example assist you with:


Expatax can help with the incorporation of a company in the Netherlands incorporation of a limited company in the Netherlands

Expatax can help with the accounting of this company Accounting and VAT obligations of this company

Expatax can help with the corporate income tax return Completing the corporate income tax return

Do not hesitate to contact us with your questions/requirements.