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RDW and your car


Whenever you buy, sell or import an automobile you will have to take contact with the RDW (Rijksdienst voor Wegverkeer).


The RDW Centre for Vehicle Technology and Information monitors and maintains the quality of all vehicles in the Netherlands. It does so through advisory services, the granting of certificates of quality and authenticity (such as the registration certificate), inspection and supervision. The RDW (formerly a Dutch government department, now independent) also maintains extensive registers, provides information and documentation, and is responsible for issuing traffic law exemptions for special (extra large) transport. In short, the RDW provides a view of what is happening on Dutch roads. Vehicles, owners and drivers are followed from beginning to end. 


The services provided by the RDW are based on legislation. The RDW's target groups are the motor industry, transport companies, relevant special interest organizations and private citizens. Essential to the way in which the RDW provides its services are: the vehicle, safety, environmental considerations, reliable registration systems and provision of information. At the international lever, too, the RDW plays a major role in harmonization of legislation, information exchange and advice.


The  RDW headquarters is in Zoetermeer. In addition there are 18 inspection stations at various locations in the Netherlands, and three regional offices. In Lelystad the RDW has its own test centre with test circuit. The RDW maintains a number of large registers at its office in Veendam. The RDW has a staff of 1300.


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