Dutch banks

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Banks in the Netherlands


If you live in the Netherlands you will probably need a bank account. There are many different banks which offer a variety of services. Huge banks like Rabobank, ABN-Amro and ING bank just offer everything. Special banks like Van Lanschot are more focussed on the wealthy customer.


Below we put links to most of the (important) Dutch banks. The first sites are in English, the other only in Dutch. When possible we give a short explanation about the bank.


We have to warn you for an important issue. Often scam mails refer to Dutch banks where people can claim their prize. These banks have strange names not familiar in the Netherlands. Dutch banks are not involved with giving away prizes. So if you get an email referring to a bank in the Netherlands whose name you don't see below then you can assume that the email is fake.


ING Bank   ING Bank acquired Postbank and is the biggest bank in the Netherlands

Rabobank   Rabobank is a cooperation of local banks

ABN Amro   ABN Amro is currenty owned by the Dutch government

GarantiBank   GarantiBank is a Turkish bank offering high interest and business accounts

Van Lanschot Bankiers   Van Lanschot offers international private banking and wealth planning

SNS Bank   SNS Bank is currently owned by the Dutch government

ASN Bank   ASN Bank is very dedicated to our environment.


Other banks:


  • Aegon Bank
  • Bank Bercoop
  • Bank Insigner de Beaufort
  • BNP Paribas Nederland
  • CenE Bankiers
  • CMV Bank
  • Commerzbank AG Nederland
  • Credite Europe Bank
  • Demir-Halk Bank Nederland
  • Deutsche Bank AG Nederland
  • GE Artesia Bank
  • HSBC Bank PLC Nederland
  • Indover Bank
  • InterBank
  • Isbank Netherlands
  • Kas Bank
  • Kocbank Nederland
  • Regiobank
  • Staal Bankiers
  • Theodoor Gilissen Bankiers
  • Triodos
  • Yapi Kredi Bank Nederland