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Expatax updates the tax section in the Expatica Survival Guide, is a contributor of articles on the website of Expatica (including the Ask the Expert section), updates the tax section in the Holland Handbook and has contributed articles in the Xpat Journal. We maintain a blog and provide news in our Knowledge Base. Below you will find some articles in which we were involved.


Expatica Survival Guide Holland Handbook Xpat Journal

Ondernamen Utrecht: Wij maken het vooral niet moeilijker dan het is (September 2012)

EenVandaag: reaction Expatax on proposed changes 30% ruling (September 2011)

Vier in het land (RTL 4): Broadcast about the Expatica Fair (23-10-2006)

International Tax Magazine: Improving the Dutch tax regime: changes in the corporate tax system 2007 

Financiele Telegraaf: August 17, 2006: Expat receives refund years later and therefore stays away. Expatax complains about the fact that expats have to wait very long for their tax refund 

Expatica: Expat tax tips part 1 (2005)

Crossroads: September 15, 2004: expats in Maastricht

Expatica: September 19, 2003: How the 2004 Budget will affect you