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What is an AA-Accountant?


An AA-Accountant is an internationally recognised accountant who is authorised to perform audits, comparable with the English Chartered or Certified Accountant or like in the USA a Certified Public Accountant (CPA). An AA-Accountant meets the European Directives for statutory audits and specialises in small and medium-sized enterprises.


The profession of AA-Accountant and the use of the AA title are laid down and protected by law. This law guarantees the independence, expertise and reliability of AA-Accountants. Compliance with these statutory rules is checked by an independent disciplinary agency; from 1 January 2003, this will also take place on a preventive basis via an independent, external supervisory board.


What could an AA-Accountant do for you?


An AA-Accountant has a broad-based education and, in addition to accountancy qualifications, is also highly trained in economic, fiscal, legal and marketing aspects. He or she can therefore provide advice in many different areas. 

If you plan to start a company in the Netherlands or have business dealings with a Dutch company, an AA-Accountant is the best person to turn to with questions about the Dutch taxation system, the tax returns, the ideal business form, the compilation of your annual accountants and for general legal and economic advice. 

An AA-Accountant therefore acts as an adviser and trusted representative to entrepreneurs. He or she can relieve you of various tasks, leaving you free to concentrate on your core business.

What is the NBA?


The NBA is a body governed by public law, appointed by the government to represent the general interests of the AA profession and bound by law to ensure that the profession is practised properly.

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