30% ruling

Tax free allowance for incoming employees

Application 30% ruling


It is very important that the application is filed together with all the necessary documents. Expatax can assist you with the application.




To be able to file the application we need certain information and documents from you.


Step 1


Both employee and employer must authorize Expatax to file the application on their behalf. Download here the power of attorney which needs to be signed. If your employer has a contract with Expatax your employer does not have to sign the power of attorney.


Step 2


Go to our online questionnaire. Answer all relevant questions and attach the signed power of attorney and the other requested documents like:


  • copy of the employment contract
  • copy of your work permit or knowledge worker statement (if applicable)
  • your curriculum vitae
  • copy of your passport.


Step 3


When we have received the completed online questionnaire together with the requested documents we will first check whether you meet all the requirements to be granted the 30% ruling. If we don't expect that you meet the requirements we will inform you. When we agree we will file the application and keep you up to date of the progression.


We will send you our invoice after we have filed the application.


If you have any questions you can contact our payroll department:


  • email: payroll at expatax.nl
  • phone: +31 30 2468536, choose for the payroll department in the telephone menu.


For more information you can also have a look at our Knowledge Base.


Last updated 23 November 2016