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Expatax payroll services


Expatax is a payroll outsourcing bureau providing payroll services to businesses of all types.

We currently have hundreds of payroll clients which range from companies with only one employee to companies with 1,000 employees.


Who can we help?

  • Foreign companies which send employees to the Netherlands
  • Companies in the Netherlands which employ (foreign) workers
  • Recruitment and contracting agencies
  • Umbrella companies
  • Individuals who have a contract in the Netherlands
  • So called stamrecht B.V.'s
  • Global payroll services together with activpayroll

What are the benefits of outsourcing your payroll to Expatax?

  • Reduce costs: outsourcing your payroll to Expatax can reduce direct costs involved in processing your payroll.
  • Boost the productivity: outsourcing your payroll to Expatax brings down the burden of your employees and enable them to focus on other core areas of the business.
  • Brings in professional insight to the process: Expatax is well aware of the payroll related laws and compliance and changing regulations which your staff may not be aware of.


Why do companies choose Expatax when they oursource their payroll?


Clients recommend us to others due to:

  • our specific knowledge about the international tax situation;
  • our high standard of client care;
  • the accurate processing of the payroll and
  • the payroll training we give to our motivated staff. Some have been with us since we started our company due to the exceptional quality of our payroll service.


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We keep you compliant.


I will make sure that you are compliant with Dutch payroll requirements

Kees Jan van Loveren

Payroll manager