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What is the tax rate if I get a part time position?


Hereby to ask further infos about parttime Dutch taxation rules. I am actually unemployed and receiving UWV benefits. I just got a job offer for a parttime position.

I‘d like to know how much is the taxation percentage as I know for 40 hours weekly job the percentage is around 42%.


The applicable tax rate depends on the taxable income. All the income you receive in the three boxes is added together and reduced with the applicable tax deductions. The balance will be the basis to determine the applicable tax rate. Of course the income you earn depends on the number of hours you work per week and as such affects the applicable tax rate, but there is no direct link between the working hours and the tax rates. So it is not that if you work 20 hours instead of 40 hours per week, that the tax rate is also reduced to 20/40 of (for example) 42%. 

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