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Partial non resident tax payer status as a result of the 30% ruling

I am a knowledge migrant with a valid 30% ruling. I want to know my tax status, is it resident or partial resident tax payer? Where can I get this info?
In the tax return you can make the decision whether you want to be full resident or partial non resident for tax purposes. What is most beneficial depends on the actual situation but most of the times it is more beneficial to opt for partial non residence in which case you do not have to report all savings and investments in Box 3.
In the past a separate request must be sent to the tax authorities together with the 30% ruling application, but this is not necessary anymore. Nowadays this decision can be made in the tax return. There is no specific question about the choice you want to make, it is enough to file the tax return as such that it is clear that it is filed according to the choice which is made.
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Comment by arjan enneman on Thu, Mar 29th, 2012 at 1:47 PM
yes, you can indeed skip the box 2 and 3 income with the exeption of a substantial interest in a dutch company and a second property in the netherlands. these will have to be declared in the dutch tax return. you indeed don‘t have to declare your partners income in your tax return. he doesn‘t have to file a tax return in the netherlands either. your partner will not have a bsn, if this prevents the filing of the tax return mention that you don‘t have a partner instead.
Comment by t. ferrari on Sun, Mar 25th, 2012 at 8:04 PM
a question for clarification. you say that there is no specific question about the choice. does this mean that simply i have to skip box 2 and 3 in declaring income?i also have a second related question: i am married but my husband is still residing in our country of origin. however, because of our marital status, when declaring i‘m married in the tax return form, he‘s regarded as tax partner. can i skip any information about my husband income?thanks for your feedbacktiziana
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