Freelance packages

Plans & pricing for freelancers


At Expatax we are committed to ensuring the services we provide are affordable and suited to your needs, whether that be simply meeting your tax compliance obligations or providing detailed monitoring, reporting and advice to assist you with growing your business. We understand that in today’s environment businesses need to contain costs and be able to accurately plan and budget for professional services. With that in mind we offer bundled services that provide you with certainty over fees so that there are “no surprises”.


The table below lists the services included in each package and the related pricing.


  • If you choose the Pro Plan we will take over the entire administration and tax returns for you. This way you can focus entirely on your freelance activities.
  • In the Basic Plan you deal with the administration yourself, we will check it and file the periodic VAT returns for you. You will receive an excel sheet from us which you can use for your administration.
  • The Starter Plan contains all the services but with a lower fee and is applicable in the year you start working as a freelancer/sole proprietor.


The plans are based on a full tax year and charged in monthly installments. In case you start with a plan during the tax year the monthly installments will be adjusted pro rata. All amounts are excluding VAT.

    Basic Pro Starter
    60 80 50
Quarterly processing of the administration   No Yes Yes
Preparation and filing of VAT returns   Yes Yes Yes
Year end accounts   Yes Yes Yes
Personal income tax return   Yes Yes Yes
Time extension for personal income tax return   Yes Yes Yes
Check of tax assessments   Yes Yes Yes
Personal meeting   Yes Yes Yes
Answering questions by email and telephone   Yes Yes Yes
    Discuss Discuss Discuss
        Only in start year



  • Additional services will be charged based on the hourly rate. The applicable rate will be discussed with you before any work is done.