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Your One Stop Shop for Accounting, Tax, Payroll and Company formation services in the Netherlands.


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Tax support: compliance and advice


Since 2001 Expatax provides tailored advice to expats who want to work in the Netherlands and to (foreign) companies who are doing or want to do business in the Netherlands. We only work in this area and are familiar with all the specific rules. This way you will get the best advice against competitive fees. And we keep it simple. You are not looking for extensive reports which don't contain an advice. You just want to know what to do. Already a lot of satisfied expatriates have hired Expatax in the past for assistance with tax related issues like their personal income tax returns and the application for the 30% ruling. US tax returns? No problem either. Our experience with international taxation feeds our desire to offer you the services your are looking for.


Dutch tax return   US tax return   Knowledge Base
We can prepare and file your (corporate) income tax return, request for a provisional refund, tax allowance and offer tax advice. We will make sure that you are fully tax compliant.   Our Dutch-US CPA can help you with your US tax return and all the forms which need to be filed. Personal assistance while you are in the Netherlands so that you know that everything is taken care of.   Check out our free Knowledge Base which contains answers to questions we receive from our clients. At the moment the Knowledge Base contains over 450 answers.


Accounting: administration, VAT returns and company formation - we solve your paper stress




Many companies appoint us to establish a presence in the Netherlands. We can set up any type of company. After the set up our in house accountants will take care of the entire administration, including VAT returns and corporate income tax return.


Accounting   Company formation   Financial planning
Our qualified public accountants can prepare your year end accounts and advise you about doing business in the Netherlands. We can assist independent freelancers as well as larger companies.   Expatax can set up a limited company for you. We arrange the deed of incorporation, registration in the trade register and full registration with the tax authorities so that you can do business in the Netherlands.   Our financial planners can assist you with planning your pension and your investments and can also assist you with arranging a mortgage so you can buy a house in the Netherlands.


Payroll: payroll administration, 30% ruling and contracting - we keep you compliant


Payroll clients


By outsourcing your payroll to Expatax you can reduce costs involved in processing your payroll, boost the productivity of your own employees enabling them to focus on other core areas of the business and bring in professional insight to the process due to the fact that we are well aware of the payroll related laws, compliance and changing regulations which your staff may not be aware of.


Payroll administration   30% ruling   Contracting
Our experienced payroll managers can take care of the payroll administration of your company like they are already doing every day for over 100 international companies.   Our 30% ruling experts can tell you if you qualify for the ruling and also take care of the entire application. With hundreds of applications every year and a very high success rate we are convinced that we can help you and your employer too.   If you work in the Netherlands as a contractor you will need an agency who will arrange your contract and payroll. Expatax will be a perfect partner for you.


Mission statement: Expatax improves fiscal efficiency of cross border employment by knowledge based innovative personal service at a competitive price.


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With Expatax you have found the right partner. All services are combined in one company. This means we can advise you from different angles. The answers you are looking for can be found on our website. If you can't find them, just ask. Our knowledge base is constantly growing. We are here to work with you.


Contact us so you can also benefit of our expertise!


Our fees   Our clients   Our partners
Quality has a price. But due to our innovative way of working and our internal procedures we have been able to keep our fees competitive.   During our existence we have been hired by a lot of individual expats and companies. Our current client base consists of thousends of clients. Clients for whom we have been working already for many years.   We work with experienced partners who are used to assist expats in their challenge of working and staying in the Netherlands.



"Expatax provides first class accounting services with the highest integrity. Their staff is very personable and they handle all our business needs."
ITC Consultants
"Expatax staff have great knowledge and understanding of tax issues which provides an invaluable level of comfort."
Jason Garner



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